1. Autotracking User Interface

1. User interface

arrow01 The pane Map Overview (1) gives you an overview of where the units are located. If
you need to know how to log in please read 2. Log in
 arrow05small The map is based on Google Map. The normal Google Map tools are present. Read more at 1.1 Google Map Tools
 arrow07small Understand the 1.2 Location marker

 arrow02  In the pane to the left you can  3. Search & Find Units
 arrow03  At the top of the Map Overview to the left, you will find 4. Map, Service, EcoDrive, SMS
 arrow04  At the top of the Map Overview to the left the links for 5. Gps tracking, 5.1 EcoDrive, and Admin is located. Please note: According to the number of Autotracker modules added you may not see all of these buttons
 arrow06  At the top right part of the Map Overview you have the 6. Map Settings