6.2 Snap to Road


arrow01 Before using the Snap to Road function you will need to have a trip shown on the map. If you want to know how to open the lower pane showing the individual tours of the unit please read 3.2.1 Details of the Unit and Trips, Stops, Drivers Log. By default, the map will show the trip as lines between the waypoints. Waypoints are gps measurements shown on the map and they are measured 5 times a minute/every minute /every 5 minutes according to the setting. However if the trip is curved and/or has many turns (like delivering to recipients within a very short distance between each other) and can thus be a bit imprecise as shown above.
arrow02 If you click Snap to road the shown route will snap to the road and not cut corners or elsewhere be imprecise. In the illustration it is clicked on.
arrow03 You will have to click on an individual trip to make the shown trip snap to road (not shown).