New Alarm


arrow01 You have clicked on the New Alarm button and the New Alarm window is open as shown above.
arrow02 Unit: At the dropdown menu you can choose what unit to register a service for.
arrow03 Type: You have 2 settings from the dropdown menu:

  • Service overdue: Make the alarm when the service is overdue
  • Service overdue by percentage: Set a percentage like 1%, 2% …, to allow a 1% overdue before the alarm is activated
arrow04 Notify: How the alarm shall be notified. You can enter email addresses or phone number separated by a comma. Phone numbers will be notified by SMS. Above we have entered:

  • llj@multi-it.dk and
  • +45 12 34 56 78. “+45” is the phone code for the country in question here Denmark. The rest of the phone number is the ordinary phone number
arrow05small By clicking the Save button. The service will be saved and appear in the alarm overview. A notification to the emails and phone numbers will take place as well.