New Service


arrow01 Please notice: A New Service is to be understood as a registration of a service that has been carried out. If you want to register an interval for the next service please read Service Intervals.
You have clicked on the New Service button and the Register new service window is open as shown above.
arrow02 At the dropdown menu you can choose what unit to register a service for.
arrow03 In the preformed by field you can register what has been done. Mecanic, oil change ect.
arrow04 Preformed at: Register the date of the service. By clicking in the field you will get arrows and a calender to make your date registration easy.
arrow05small Interval: Write when the service took place, i.e. 100.000 km or the like in machine hours.
arrow06 Notes: Add extra notes here.
 arrow07small  When you click the Save button the service are registered and will appear in the list.