3.2.1 Details of the Unit


arrow01 You have clicked on the individual unit here Car 3. A pane showing details about the vehicle shows up. See how to do this at 3.2 The Individual Unit and use the Back to List link at arrow no. 5 to return to choose the individual unit.
arrow02 Click on the small allen key icon and a window showing details about service info. When does the vehicle need a service and at what intervals. See 4.1.1 Service Info.
arrow03 Click on the Eco Drive diagram. Statistics about the driving will appear in the main part of the screen. Read more at EcoDrive.  Please note that the Ecodrive service section is under construction.
arrow04 In the lower part of the pane to the left you have graphics about how much of the time (100%) on the chosen time interval the vehicle has been driving, idle, or has been off/stopped
 arrow05small Clicking the link Back to List return you to the overview of the vehicles. Read more at 3.2 The Individual Unit
 arrow06 From the 3 links at the lower part of the screen you can open a new pane showing Trips, Stops and Driver’s Log. See Trips, Stops, Drivers Log.