21.2.1 Editing Tracker: Configure Unit


arrow01 You have 3 panes inside the window. By default the first pane Configure Units is open. See how to get here at 21.2 Tracking Units.
arrow02 In the fields of the section to the left you can:

  • Name: Give or change the name of the unit
  • Type: From the dropdown menu you can select the type of the unit. Car, Machine, Trailer, Truck, Vehicle
  • Vehicle Groups: Select the group of the unit
  • Description: Enter a description for the unit
arrow03 In the fields of the upper section to the right you have:

  • Engine Hours: Number of registered working hours for the engine
  • Odometer: Distance travelled by the unit
arrow04 At Idle as Stop you can define:

  • Idle as Stop: Set it to On if you want to use this function
  • Stop when Idle for (minutes): Define the time for “Idle”

This setting is used to calculate the total and average time registered as “Idle” for the unit. Read 3.2.1 Details of the Unit at the Get Started with Autotracking to see how the idle time is shown

arrow05small There are 2 more panes. Read more at:

arrow06 Save your settings here or cancel.