21.1 Interface Settings


arrow01 You have clicked the Interface Setting button. See how to get there at 21. Autotracking Configuration. This opens the window Autotracking Interface Settings
arrow02 By clicking the color field, you can control what group of colors the units in a group is using. The code to the right, here “#f00d18” is a 6-digit web code for the precise color. The color is a mixture of red, green, and blue. You can read more about the subject here: http://www.w3schools.com/colors/default.asp
arrow03 Changing the icons here will change the icon for the Location Marker. Read about the Location marker at 1.2 The Location Marker in the Get Started with AutoTracking section.
arrow04 Working hours are the interval shown on the map. It is used to calculate the percentages of driving, idle and stopped time for the unit. See it yourself at 3.2.1 Details of the Unit at arrow 4 in the Get Started with Autotracking section. As a starting point the working hours is from 00:00 to 23:59 but you can change it as you please.
arrow05small Click the button Save to save your settings